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2017-07-25 21:59:31-@viticci They can’t please you and @gruber at

2017-07-25 21:54:08-@fxshaw @gassee Why bother? No one uses it

2017-07-25 07:06:06-@marcoarment Working on a top

2017-07-24 22:53:46-@viticci Lesser

2017-07-24 22:51:53-@jdalrymple Well as long you don’t wanna modify

2017-07-23 22:52:49-@pmoeser @Goff256 @backlon I agree I’d also

2017-07-23 17:51:55-@zcichy Great choice I love

2017-07-22 22:41:54-@backlon Difference is the bump is here ‘cause