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Living in the south of France going by day as husband, father, pet owner and working as a developper, I spend the rest of the time on twitter, listening to podcasts, learning new computer (like writing Bad Rain) related stuff or watching tv shows.


I moved form Paris to Montpellier area in 2012, with no regrets: nice weather, lovely landscapes, less commute time that let me enjoy more time with my kids.

Personal life

My wife and our 3 kids aged of 9, 7 and 5 years old are the ones that I dedicate most of my free time. My walks are usually with our lovely labrador and I sometimes serve as window opener and feeder for our cat.


I work as a developper for a big company. I make mostly Java programs for the company’s SI.


In remaining free time (mostly at nights) I’m following great people on twitter 1, listening to some podcasts 2, watching tv shows that my wife don’t watch 3 and keeping up with what’s new and cool in computers.
I like testing and starting new projects, a lot of them don’t go anywhere, but some end like an open source project or even in the App Store.

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  3. I’ll write about that too one day 

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