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2017-07-20 22:56:18-@AppleSupport Turns out I’m not the only

2017-07-20 20:55:33-@AppleSupport I activated share debug logs with

2017-07-20 20:54:29-@AppleSupport … but restarted after activating

2017-07-20 20:52:20-. @AppleSupport are you aware of reboots every

2017-07-20 20:48:36-@viticci @caseyliss Assholes that didn’t accept

2017-07-20 20:44:44-@ATP_Tipster1 @viticci Yep been on iPad Pro… if

2017-07-19 08:38:48-RT @xkcdComic: Wifi vs Cellular xkcd.com/1865/

2017-07-19 08:09:21-@panic The app is good, my usage is not as in 2

2017-07-19 08:01:55-@panic Seven years if you bought it 7 years ago

2017-07-19 06:30:42-@stroughtonsmith Maybe but was one of the