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2017-08-05 00:02:11-@jamesthomson But yes you can install it works

2017-08-05 00:01:35-@jamesthomson Well maybe wait till Monday when

2017-08-04 23:30:11-@stroughtonsmith Kindle has a lot more limites

2017-08-04 20:13:14-@iMuggle Btw how are they been a while since last

2017-08-03 22:49:47-RT @HamillHimself: Lightsabers are

2017-08-03 21:56:04-@florianlionel No place like 🏡 especially if

2017-08-03 21:53:04-@danielpunkass If UI is the problem with git try

2017-08-03 19:09:21-@Jamushroom @tweetbot Thanks

2017-08-03 07:48:23-@stroughtonsmith some visuals for your 📊