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@caseyliss Awesome. A podcast with you 3 in same room? A worm hi to you all!

@lisamareedom wish you more luck with @nokia than I had with @SamsungMobile I request it for 6 month & when sent it the @UPS fuckers lost it

@viticci you stayed up till 4am to see @zcichy drinking water at @themenubar ? I couldn’t.

1) ATP 2) The Talk Show 3) The Prompt 4) The Menu Bar 5) Developing Perspective Runners up Critical Path Andrew J Cast #5FavoritePodcasts

RT @dayoneapp: Check out this great list of apps all n sale for the holidays! appsanta.co pic.twitter.com/VaeyuX1y7J

@zcichy the question did you give back the Windows Phone and get back your money or keep it to remind how bad it is?