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@viticci are you sure you are allowed to have it now? It’s not yet 25th

@imyke you should give picturelife a try they does a lot of things better (plus can import everpix archive directly)

@imyke @bradleychambers does not yet. feedback.loom.com/forums/204470-…

@andrewjclark don’t worry, beside the fact that @jsnell seems to be the kindest man in tech, there’s an ocean between you two.

@512px lol I promise next time i’ll read the message :) thought was a dumb popup.

@512px @imyke in Tweetbot can’t pass this page: is ok in Safari. pic.twitter.com/45mBQE9Wka

@512px @imyke my bad. It was only in Tweetbot in app web viewer.

@512px @imyke why do we have to have an account to vote ?

@marcoarment no doubt you did right getting winter tires they with the cost : webpronews.com/snow-tires-or-… cc: @caseyliss @siracusa

@davewiner thank you Dave. Best wishes for you too!