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@mattgemmell sis in law I suppose as she looks so much like your wife.

@imyke Elton’s not happy with you stealing his glasses.

@tweetbot any reason why although I masked this it still appears in timeline? pic.twitter.com/s1s445uKQF

Can I report Cameron Diaz as spam? she spammed my timeline with the RT. Tweetbot still keeps them although filter and ban!

    =🌟=     /\    <*彡>    /彡★\   <◆◎彡*>   /☆*彡☆\  <彡o\★/彡o>  /o★彡Y◎o彡\ <◎彡*★◇彡★*>  ^~^~^~| |~^~^~^     [二二] Merry Christmas!

@zcichy mine will be one with Pokemon Y.

@picturelife if you need help for French translation please contact me, because that is definitely wrong. pic.twitter.com/oPNnI41bGY