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@zcichy agree I love it! Happy to helped it happens.

@drdrang I imagine you’re still crying about him unfollowing you. Don’t worry you still have a few followers who accept you as you are :)

@viticci you should have used as title: TL;DL and the long one as subtitle. Would have been geekier :)

RT @sjuster: Finally, I took a break from frantically refreshing the eShop to write a little something: experiencepoints.net/2013/12/christ…

@imyke sens it back and get a PS4

Any chance to resell this wonderful Apple iTunes present? #timberlake pic.twitter.com/RF28Zr2bjn

@Trixxy you don’t use LinkedIn, LinkedIn uses you!

Thank you Nintendo for not letting me buy other games on your eShop today.
PS: I love your meaningless error codes. pic.twitter.com/Bob0abWjdZ

Although he enjoys playing on iPhone/iPad, playing on HIS Nintendo 2DS at his beloved Pokemons is much better.