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@marcoarment I’m too lazy to do it but I thought about replacing the ball in this picture with the Apple logo. pic.twitter.com/Miqfc806KA

@jdalrymple beware Jim, someone already drunk from your bottle

@andrewjclark fun fact I didn’t get it with yours but did have it with @lexfri daily one.

@DenZhadanov enjoy your stay, should profit to visit Putin to present him your wishes for the new year…

@imyke didn’t dare to put Champagne on the glass instead?

@viticci no big deal as long as you don’t let them podcast at your place

@zcichy because you realize how bad they are and it’s just a matter of time?

@marcoarment I prefer the sticker on the opposite angle. Starting from down and going up. Just my opinion.

Looks like @andrewjclark inspired Lex with his daily podcast :) dlvr.it/4ZxpjK

@zcichy @marcoarment it’s not easy to buy back trust so I understand Marco, who don’t forget have some Italians origins :)