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So @instapaper requiers suscription for Velocity being able to access it’s data? Goodbye Instapaper hello Pocket! pic.twitter.com/joVXKGYUx9

@reneritchie or we will think of how good life was when we thought we had privacy. “Ignorance is bliss.“

@jdalrymple it’s not the cold just the excitement to see @haddiebird :)

@zcichy welcome to Europe where motherfuckers politicians have nothing better to work on.

@zcichy @gravicle maybe people don’t use Chrombooks online… What else they can do beside that? catch dust?

@orta without any word on why? :(

@tapbot_paul in France the other day they had an episode of a documentary but linked to the hole documentary.Lot of ppl not happy about it.

@tapbot_paul doesn’t he had to agree to be part of the program? Is the price to pay.

Don’t know if it’s the case on other App Stores but in French one we got Home Alone free today. cc: @viticci

@jdalrymple hope Slash won’t see you steal his hat.