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@zcichy the item is already in their shop: 99€ guess the same in $ and we can already order the black one. shop.steelseries.com/fr/controllers…

@zcichy “Coming Soon”. Agree not soon enough although I’m quite afraid of its price and wondering if it’s a visible lag because of wireless.

@panzer you forgot you ordered the model you have to finish assemble it yourself? That’s the Assembled in US stands for.

@andrewjclark happy new year, hope you enjoy your holiday. Looking forward for a new episode of your daily cast as I kinda miss hearing you

@jsnell have you suggest it to @tapbot_paul to add it to Tweetbot. It’s something clients could do even if Twitter doesn’t. +@danielpunkass

[TAS] Super Mario World “Executes Arbitrary Code” in 02:25.19 by Masterjun: youtu.be/OPcV9uIY5i4 #SuperMarioWorld

@andrewjclark @zcichy it seems like they’ve done their best to kill them: cbc.ca/m/news/#!/cont… mobile.businessweek.com/news/2013-09-1…

@zcichy @andrewjclark I thought they’ll keep the Pixar studio name even if part of Disney so we’ll be able to spot the differences.

@andrewjclark CGI is not all, Planes a Disney movie of Pixar’s Cars world is a nice CGI, but story is poor. What misses now is good stories.

@1Password looks like you have a fan of your icon as he stole part of yours for his app… pic.twitter.com/7YKTofKOFE