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RT @Twitterrific: @Razvn You can change your font size from within the application’s theme panel, which can be accessed from the bottom cen…

@Twitterrific cool thank you not easy to find. I looked of it in the settings. Any tip to fast switch accounts?

Between 3 post per page and 4 my choice is quickly done. Goodbye Twitterrific.

People gave shit to Tweetbot for not supporting application font size but it’s ok for Twitterrific not to do it. pic.twitter.com/s7lG4YcVY7

@fiatluxfm don’t talk to @andrewjclark in % but in ^ as he thinks the last one is more important :)

@andrewjclark How can you dare when I wasn’t even able to test the last beta? :) Still can’t install it btw, even after remove.

@marcoarment thank you for making me realize how stupid was I not to think a second of the risks giving the iCloud login to Mailbox.

@_DavidSmith no problem, was joking. Readdle apps, 1Password, Blogsy are fine for my limited free time.

@_DavidSmith looking forward for criticizing the French translation as you didn’t want my help for it 😉

@jdalrymple what do u think of this Highway To Hell version? youtu.be/d2RZXeQc5HU Couldn’t look at her guitar playing eyes fixed elsewhere