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@andrewjclark do you mean that when @zcichy is at the bar he’s such a downer that he kills the fun. 👹👹👹

@jdalrymple so cute! Thank you and your wife for taking care of him. Hope you’ll find him a nice family.

@nicklockwood @andrewjclark glad to see I wan’t the only to find % more useful than ^

RT @vladsavov: Namco Bandai is rebranding to, wait for it… Bandai Namco. businesswire.com/news/home/2014…

@Meta_Watch NFL,NBA, US sports that even no all US people give a damn (same for stocks). No 3rd party apps, one clock face is quite poor IMO

@DenZhadanov True it’s nice… now time to bring it to others pages :)

Pirats will have some fun. RT @theloop: EU’s plan to add remote kill switch to all cars – loopu.in/1fKzu5j

No Fever love from @unread_app in 1.0 but it’s coming… maybe … “@unread_app: @mergesort Fever is on the todo list.”

@zcichy great way to find parts as chapters are not used. I won’t use it for TMB as I listen all but would be nice to have it on all others.

If there was a way to disable scroll to the top when touching the list top in @tweetbot I’d surely use it. Or Better leave it but double tap