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If true it will prove that Amazon’s that iOS team sucks. You don’t need 3 month to finish a tvOS app you’ve demo on…


2017-08-29 21:16:48-@zcichy 27 episodes? Fans that didn’t like the

2017-08-28 16:00:27-@gruber did I miss it or no one mentioned

2017-08-28 14:01:03-RT @rae_gfx: Canadian road rage !! Viewer

2017-08-26 23:02:39-@cabel Well a dishwasher uses not much water

2017-08-26 21:04:53-@atpfm about NAS backup have you heard of the

2017-08-26 10:39:28-@zcichy FWIW,I enjoyed a lot #DeathNote , but I

2017-08-25 22:18:53-@zcichy You know nothing Zac. @verge said is bad,

2017-08-25 20:53:50-RT @tedneward: Every. Single. Software developer.

2017-08-25 19:24:57-RT @SparkMailApp: Spark now works seamlessly with