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Swift on Server: making an API Call

A small tutorial demoing how to use Swift on server with Vapor framework for making request to another REST Service. Don’t try the classic way using URLSessions, they are not yet implemented on Linux, but luckily Vapor’s creators took care of it and made it very easy to do it. Requirements You must have Swift […]

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Swift on server – Part 1: Installation

Originally I wanted to just write about the workaround I used for handling Date types in Vapor with PostgreSQL, but in order to do so I had to have some basic project, so I started explaining how to create the base. It turned out to be quite a long post, so I decided to make […]

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Bad Rain 1.2 Released

Finally here… Close to 3 months after 1.1, 1.2 is finally available. It was long, but it is closer to what 1.0 should have been. Between technical difficulties and validation difficulties these 3 months have been quite intense. The game’s page have been updated with new screenshots and video.  What’s new Menus It was something I […]

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Don’t trust the simulator, test on device

I think we all heard this advice, but it’s so much easier and convenient to just test in the simulator. Often it’s something we leave for later, but the longer we wait the bigger differences we may notice are. There are things that gives no choice but testing on the device but there are things […]

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BadRain 1.1 Released

It took some time, but the fist update for BadRain is available. What’s new Game Center support Score is saved in the Game Center Leaderboard. To access the Leaderboard you need a device with the Game Center App (iPhone, iPad, Mac). You can compare score with your friends. You can also see there the list […]

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What’s coming in Bad Rain 1.1

While I was waiting for Apple’s validation of the 1.0, I started working on the 1.1 update. New feature The feature added in this version is Game Center. Leaderbord You’ll be able to use Game Center’s Leaderboards for tracking your score, as well as comparing it with your friends. Achievements I’m about to finish the […]

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Bad Rain for tvOS

My free little game for the new AppleTV is now available in the App Store. Your mission is to survive as long as you can to an astroid rain that getting worser and worser… Visit the official page for more details.

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