One mission

Survive as long as you can to an asteroid rain!

Avoid asteroids or destroy them!

Move the spaceship in all directions to avoid asteroids.

You can use the Siri Remote's touch pad, or the old Apple TV remote D-Pad.

Works with 3rd party controllers. Use D-Pad to move the spaceship.

You gain a point for each asteroid avoided (exits on the bottom of the screen).

From level 2 you can shoot laser beams to explode asteroids.

To shoot click on the touch pad or on a controller press A.

Each asteroid shot gives you a point.

Shield protection added as in-app purchase in version 1.2.

You can choose between one protection for once in the game or one for each level.

The project is born from my desire to do something for the new AppleTV and playing with Swift 2, so I started from scratch a new version of Mauvaise Pluie, an unreleased iOS game I've done last year.

New game features will be added in the features updates.

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