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BadRain 1.1 Released


It took some time, but the fist update for BadRain is available.

What’s new

Game Center support

Score is saved in the Game Center Leaderboard. To access the Leaderboard you need a device with the Game Center App (iPhone, iPad, Mac). You can compare score with your friends.
You can also see there the list of achievements that where added to the game.

New spaceship

Screen Shot 3b

Double lasers are better for shooting more asteroids.

New spaceship

Bug fix

Fixed a bug on laser beams that keep staying on the screen even.


Shooting with a game controller now happens on button pressed and not on button up.
Big refactoring of the code in order to open the sources not far in the future.
The refactoring brought some nice optimisations in memory usage and gameplay.

What didn’t make in the version

  • I tried to implement full support for Game Controller. Spent some time on it but wasn’t working very well so it’ll come later.
  • Refactoring didn’t end (although took longtime) so open source will wait some more time.
  • Wanted to make a menu but required some big changes so also left it for later.
  • Game was rejected because the tester couldn’t figure out how to access leaderboards & achievements. Well for now it’s not possible in game, but I guess I’ll have to do it for the next version.
  • I spent a couple of days trying to optimisez memory usage and identify a memory leak. Turned out it was no memory leak it was because I activate debug mode in Xcode.

Final words

Enjoy the update, meanwhile I have a lot to do for the next update.
Unless there’s a need of a bug fix it will be a 1.2 release so there’ll be a new feature in it.