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New year’s iPhone homescreens

Here are my iPhone 6s Plus screens as of beginning of 2016.



As Star Wars fan couldn’t be more excited by the the new movie so this screen’s on my iPhone since beginning of December, thanks to @zcichy (unfortunately the link he sent me no longer works).



Main apps I use are here, on the bottom the most used.
Tweetbot (for following twitter), Overcast (for listening to podcasts), Safari (as my navigator), Mail (for email – tried others but for the use I have native app is OK), Apple Music (for all my music) – are the 5 apps I use 95% of the time.

Second screen


Also known as folders’ hell. Apps out as folders I sometime access to them by tapping, for everything else I use spotlight to access to.

Third screen


Games’ screen. Some are for kids when they borrow my phone, most are for me, but barley have the time to play them.